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MY FATHER'S family-As far as i know the MATHEW family originated in
Wiltshire, but i have my doubts as to their whereabouts before 1765.I have a few blank spots
and am only going on what i have received from others who have traced branches of my Mathew's.
I have established that some of my Mathew were Coopers, Ironmongers, Spirit & wine commission
agents. They are listed in the 1768 London Poll Book. My grgrgrgrandfater was a want-to-be poet
and a friend of Keats, but he earned his living as a Clerk for the Poor Law Society in London. I have discovered that Felton Mathew was a surveyor in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1800's and his wife's diary has been published. One branch (my direct ascendents) went out to India in the late 1800's. Others went out to Burma,South Africa & Australia. When the Mathew and Hamer came together in India they carried the double barrell name for a short time, and I have discovered that the Hamer-Mathew from Burma are now in Australia. My Father dropped the hyphenation after the it caused a lot of derision in his new home of Yorkshire England. We sailed to Australia in 1963 aboard the Fairsky.
There has always been the question as to my Fathers nationality, He, his father and his Mother were all born in India, He was deemed to be a Domiciled European.

My Mothers side is MITCHELL, they were from Bradford Yorkshire, however I have got back to my grgrgrandfather b 1856 whose mother was not married and came from Ireland. Here is a Brick wall as she was born in Ireland c1825 and ended up in Bradford in 1856 with her only son James MITCHELL. I have found that Bedelia Mitchell came from Donegal.


My Paternal Grandmothers Family-My Hamer side of the family so far have proven to be very Interesting. (They are said to be descendents of Lady Percy of Northumberland and Lord Henry Hamer of Guernsey Castle.)They did carry the Esq. I have proved that this is not true. I have traced Ella Anna Hamer's ancestors back to c 1750's. Starting with Joseph Hamer who was a plantations owner in Guyana. (Son Samuel Blair Hamer deposited his first wife with his Guernsey)  So far I have found that some Joseph's illigitimate children were infact born in British Guiana & Grenada, and the ligitimate children were born in Hampshire. Later returning to London. Income derived from Property in Radnor, Middlesex and Colonies. One Hamer attended Elizabeth College Guernsey. Another died in a Cyclone in 1887 when he was a commander of the Tug 'retreiver' in Bay of Bengal in India. I loose them after the 1861 census in London. I have since found a will of Catherine Hamer who lived in Chelsea England.   she left an annuity to Marianne Hamer in Guernsey. (her neice).