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HAMER FAMILY HISTORY- Hampshire, Guyana, Calcutta, Guernsey

John H Hamer b c 1730 wife unknown


Mary Hamer  ,

Coloured Natural daughters. of John H. received land in Stabroeke, Demerara, & dwellings,buildings from half brother Joseph


(It is not clear which Henrietta Hamer this is)  



Counties 'of Demerary and Essequebo.

PURSUANT to authority granted by his Honour Jeffrey

Hart Bent, Chief Justice of British Guiana, bearing

date the 28th day of July 1841 ;

I, the undersigned, Acting Provost Marshal of British

Guiana, in the name and behalf of William Roberts, sole

acting deliberating executor to the last will and testament

of Henrietta Hamer, an inhabitant of the county of

Demerary, do hereby, by edict, cite all known and

unknown creditors in Europe of Henrietta Hamer aforesaid,

deceased, to appear in person, or by their attorneys,

at the Roll Court for the counties of Demerary and

Essequebo, in the colony of British Guiana aforesaid, to be

holden at the Court-house, in the Guiana Public-buildings,

in George-town, in the month of February 1842, in order

then and there to render their respective claims, properly

substantiated and in due form, against the said Henrietta

Hamer, deceased.

Whereas in default of which the non-appearers will be

proceeded against according to law.

Marshal's-office, George-town, Demerary and Essequebo,

this 21st day of August 1841.

GEO. WIGHT, Acting Provost Marshal."



Joseph Hamer

Henry Percy Hamer.


Joseph Hamer  esq b c 1745 (caucasian) died 1803

married Mary (Budgen)?

Mary remarried to Mark Dyer 1802 after Josephs Death

Joseph (above) b Montserrat, occ. Barrister called to bar 26th Nov. 1773.married in Gosport Hampshire to Mary (Budgen)?. He owned at least 3 Plantations in Demerara called , Mon Repos, Triumph, DeEndragt.

Joseph Will proved in London 20.11.1805,  (ref: copy of will)

Sons of Joseph:

Michael Greatheed Hamer Christened 1787 Hampshire

In the census of 7 April 1861 in 4 Richmond Terrace Lambeth London England  he was listed as the son of Michael Greatheed Hamer Michael is listed as living in lieu of half army pay,with his sons Joseph Greatheed a warehouseman and Joseph Alfred unemployed.

Sun Alliance Insurance for:


Insured: Michael Greatheed Hamer, 87 Blackman Street Borough, Esq
Other property or occupiers: tobacconist


Joseph Greatheed Hamer b c 1822 in Deal Kent

Joseph Alfred Hamer b c 1824

William Attwick Hamer b Gloucestershire c 1766 HM 5th Reg.of Foot

From the London Gazette Sept. 1 180?

Commissions signed by Lord Lieutenant of Hants:

to be deputy Lieutenant William Attwick Hamer Esq

Henry Percy Hamer c1787 d before 1836 Captain of Demerara

                             Children  : Henry Percy Hamer

                                            Harriet Budgen eldest daughter.

Harriet Budgen Hamer married 1836 Andre Racine Braud of Paris (French Protestant Pastour) residing Fontainebleau


 Arthur m Edith Dalton

Mary m. Albert Pagan., 

Matilda m Henry Harrison,


Andre Charles Recine,




Caroline Hamer  christened Gosport Hampshire 1887 died 1821

 (Londone Gazette Tues July 10 1821 )on the 8th inst. in eth 34th year of her age, at his house, Cireus, Greenwich Caroline wife of William Ellis, Esq and youngest daughter of the late Joseph Hamer of Demerara, Esq.

m William Ellis, of Cumberland House (Ref: The London Gazette Feb Mar 3. 1806 Issue 334)

Harriet Hamer

married Mr Wardroper Solicitor of Hawlchurst Kent (Ref: The London Gazette Sep 3 )

Susannah Hamer m James Collins (Clerk) 1808

Recipients of Josephs will, Belinda a Negro slave, her son William, Margaret a Mullato women & her Daughter.

Anne Hamer m Durell Stables

                  children: John Durell-Durell b181

Durell Stables changed his name to Durell Durell.WJiitehall, May 31, 1823.The King has been pleased to grant unto DurellStables, Esq. Comptroller of the Customs at Sydney,Cape Bi;eton, in North America, His royal licenceand authority, that he and his issue may henceforthtake and use the surname, and bear the armsof Durell only; such arms being first duly exemplifiedaccording to the laws of arms, anil recordedin the Heralds' College, otherwise the said'royal licence.and permission to be void and of none effect: And also to command, that the said royal concessionand declaration be registered ia His Majesty'sCollege of. Aims.

                 Anne Durell Stables


Illigitimate Children of Josheph & Marianne Deniant:

Samuel Blair Hamer b 1800 Demerara 
Catherine Hamer,
Maria Hamer,
Eliza Hamer 
Josephs (ligitimate )sons William & Michael Hamer were named as guardians of the above children along with a child that was not born yet. Catherine or Samuel Blair Hamer. According to Joseph's will, Marianne is said also to be a free Mestiza (mixed race) women.
Catherine, Louisa, Eliza, Marianne all lived at 52 Cadogan Place London , as per 1841/51/61 Census.
Marianne m. George Lawrence. of Wales
Children: Eliza Rose Lawrence b 1836 d 1878
William Anthony   COLLINS
child: Henry Anthony Collins
         William Forman Collins
          M J Rose Collins
         Lewis EG Collins
         Victor Evelyn Collins 

A book by V E Collins



               Maria Louise Victoria Lawrence

William Attwick Hamer

married Anna Smithwick (nee Lloyd), William Died 1846 on board Ship from Demerara to England

Samuel Blair Hamer (my grgrgrgrandfather) died London c 1860 ,

occupation: House Agent,  married (1)Anna Scott. I have found an application for a Marriage Licence dated 1828, showing Anna Scott as the intended. This was  lodged at St George Bloomsbury.This is odd as Samuel's son Henry Percy was born 1821.  Anna Scott is still living in Guernsey at the time of his second marriage.  (2) Caroline Catherine Annie Waldron in Berkshire, 1851 on the marriage cert. he is down as Widower. and his father is down as Joseph, although . I have lost trace of him since this marriage. However  I have checked all the census records for UK and death records for Samuel Blair Hamer but no record found after 1851 Could have left the country again. According to the 1851 census he is living in Lambeth Newington. Further to this, Caroline Waldron re-married to a Mr Henry Thomas Whitby in 1859 She is down as Widow.


 Eleanor D'Arcy Hamer b c1815 (adopted)?

 married 1839 in Guernsey to Samuel Joseph of Lancashire,

Charles, b 1824 Paris

Charles b 1824 Paris, attended Elizabeth College in Guernsey, he joined the merchant navy and died c 1841 




Henry Percy Hamer b 1821 Southampton

      Henry Percy Hamer b 1821Southampton,

                         d 1887  at  sea, Bay of Bengal 

              (my grgrgrandfather)

Master of the Tug Retriever, died in 1887 lost at sea, in a cyclone in the bay of Bengal where he was the pilot of the Tug boat Retriever. His headstone mentions his Father Samuel Blair Hamer Esq of Guernsey & London.

1866 Master of the "Pilot' 6 Eambaugh 2nd Lane

1867 & 1871Commander of  Steamer 'Rattler", 10 ST James Square, Merwara.

1886 of 3 Telkul Ghat Rd, Howrah

Tug RETRIEVER, owned by Turner of Calcutta, sailed Calcutta on 23 May towing

the ship GODIVA, expecting to arrive off Saugor [now usually Sagar Island]

on the 25th.  There was a massive cyclone on 25th in which a number of

vessels were lost and lightships lost their moorings - the local steamer SIR

JOHN LAWRENCE, with about 750 Hindoo pilgrims going to a festival at

Juggernaith seems to have been lost.  GODIVA (owned G R Sandbach) and her

crew actually survived, going aground on the Western Channel.  But RETRIEVER

was lost, as were all her crew except one lascar, picked up 28-29 May by the

inward-bound P&O steamer NEPAUL. 

married Georgiana Charlotte Bampton of India, child: Ella Anna Hamer (My grgrandmother). This Bampton was the daughter of William and grand daughter of William W. Bampton Master Mariner of The Endeavour.

Children: Ella Anna Hamer b 1864,Calcutta, 

             Henry Samuel Bampton Hamer,

             b 13/12/1854 d 26/7/1872

             40 Somerleyton Rd. Brixton of  Pulminary Hemorrage age 16 

             Samuel Percy Hamer

Ella Anna Hamer married Henry Arthur Wellesley Mathew (MY  paternal grgrandparents)Smile

            Children: Cyril Owen Hamer-Mathew b Calcutta

                                    (my grandfather)

Cyril married Kathleen Lillian Clarke


    Children: Lancelot Jude Mathew b Calcutta      1920

(my Father)



 Names associated with the HAMERS are:




Click on this link to read comment in book regarding the Hamer family



th Feb 1772 The London Lodge

" The U.W.Master proposed the following Gentlemen 
to be made Masons, viz., Joseph Hamer, Esq., Mark Dyer, Esq., William Ryan, Esq., and John Greathead, Esq." 



Henry Percy Hamer Born 182`1 Southampton Died 1887


 Below is an exact transcript of documents I have copied from the Originals. The address 114 New Kent Road was the address given at time of Letter sent . I doubt that Henry lived there, as his family lived in Calcutta to the best of my knowledge. The Book 'On the Hooghly' confirms that Henry was the commander of the Rattler and Retriever.

Born Dec 25 1821 Southampton

Present Residence 114 New Kent Road London

CC678 Trinity 10/3/1848

Henry Percy Hamer Master Mariner NO.73.866
NamePort of RegistrytonnageTrade to which employedCapacityFromToIn Registy office
William 4thCardiff250QuebecBoyMay 1836Dec 1836Cardiff
Charles BrookLondon500West IndiesOrd. Seaman18411842London
ShlliaAustratha250Brazils2nd MateAug 1842Feb. 1844London
AlexanderAberdeen280Cape of Good Hope2nd MateJune 1844Sep. 1844London
HarmonyCape of Good Hope200Cape ?1st MateSep 1844Jan 1845Cape Town
IsabellaCape of Good Hope220Cape ?1st MateJan 1845June 1845Cape Town
St GeorgeHull320 1st MateDec 1845June 1846Cape Town
Fanny A…London260Gold Coast1st MateSep 1846Dec 1847London
Sea BirdLondon160Trading ?Master18481849Trinity Board Certificate
City of Cal….Calcutta460Indian SeasMasterJan 1851July 1854Calcutta
NileSingapore200ChinaMasterAug 1854Jan 1855 
Gold DiggerCalcutta200Indian SeasMasterFeb 1855June 1855
Aratoon ?Calcutta255ChinaMasterAug 1855July 1858
Maria GreyBombay650India SeasMaster1859186-Bombay
Pilot SteamerCalcutta500CalcuttaMasterJuly 186-1865Calcutta
RattlerCalcutta800CalcuttaMasterOct 18651867
BombayCalcutta650Abysinian WarMasterNov 1867Feb 1868Calcutta
RattlerCalcutta800CalcuttaMasterMar.1868Feb 1871


 (all text below is written below and in the margin of the document)

On Twelve months leave of a ……..& From last named Steamer


From Original Certificate in my possession copy sent underneath.

Most of these dates from copy of certificate in my possession. The original at the Trinity Board London


Letter of support sent    16/10/1871 Reads

Sir,    As deemed by you I beg to forward by post my application a certificate of service. I hold a Trinity Board Certificate of Competence which states on the back of it that I was in the command of the ‘Sea Bird’ of London in 1848 I have the Honor to be sir your obed Servant Henry Hamer  

For more details of the Names mentioned above email Rhonda Peggy Mathew peggymathew@hotmail.com


At the Commissary Court of of the 3rd July 1820 will be passed, the following Transports and Mortgages:-

No. 1 By the representatives of Michael Greathead Hamer, one of the residuary legatees under the will of father Joseph Hamer deceased, transport of his undivided one-third of the two plantations called Eendragt and Mon Repos, situate on the east coast of the river Demerary, now cultivated as one estate, with all the slaves, cultivation, buildings, cattle, and other appurtenances thereto, belonging, all in conformity with certain acts duly signed and bearing date the 27th and 28 January, 1820 - to William Attwick Hamer and Henry Percy Hamer, the two other residuary legatees, under the will of the said Joseph Hamer, deceased.
2. By the representative of William Ettwick Hamer and Henry Percy Hamer, residuary legatees under the will of their father Joseph Hamer, deceased, a mortage on the aforesaid plantation Eendragt and Mon Repos, now cultivated as one estate situate at aforesaid, together with all the slaves, cultivations, buildings, cattle, and other appurtenances, thereto belonging, in conformity of the aforesaid acts, bearing date the 27th and 28th January 1820 - in favour of John Gladstone, of Liverpool.
3. By the representatiaves of William Remington, of London, Esquire, in his quality as surviving assignee in the estate and effects of Henry Nantes, merchant of London, the surviving partner of Richard Mullman and Co., transport of plantation Triumph, situated on the east sea coast of the river Demerara between the plantations Beeter Verwagting and Mon Repos, with all the buildings, cultivation, slaves and further apurtenances thereto belonging - to Spencer Mackay, of London, Esquire.

I have included 3. since it refers to the third plantation that was previously sold as per my previous notes on the name Hamer.

Apart from the above, I came across a Vendue Office notice on Friday 7 July 1820 .. "by order of Miss St. Felix sale of four slaves, one of whom was .. Sophia, a very superior cook, maker of pastry and all kinds of confectionary formerly the property of Miss Hamer."

Extract from The Times Friday 15 1849 Central Criminal Court Page 7

" THAMES-Mr Henry Hamer, the master and Mr Launcelot Wilson, the chief mate of the schooner Seabird, were brought before Mr Yardley, charged with assaulting John Hughes, a seaman, and wounding him with a cutlass.

Mr Yardley said the seaman had received several wounds, and the evidence of the surgeon would be necessary befor the case could be completed.  He should therefore remand the prisoners until Monday"

Memorial stone Above "In Loving Memory of Henry Hamer Late Commander of Retriever Dearly loved Husband of Georgiana Charlotte and only surviving son of the Late Samuel Blair Hamer of Guernsey and London Born 25th December 1821 Lost in a Cyclone in the Bay of Bengal 16th May 1887

You can read more about our Henry Percy Hamer in this Book.

'On the Hooghly' Book by Beattie

Loss of the "Retriever " is at pages 153-155

and page 118 relates another altercation between Henry and W Kendal.



The Tuesday's London Gazette,

Admiralty Office Sept 1.