More Mathew PHOTOS in Australia & England

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Photo Gallery

I will add some more photos of Mitchell's soon. I don't have many . They were located in Bradford mainly.

Above: Anne Mitchell b 1923 and older Half Sister Kathleen

Australia: Me on Left and my Sister Linda, aged about 20 ish, I think we might have been a bit Tiddly Tongue out

Whites View Yorkshire UK


sometime after the War probably 1948, From Left: Lance Mathew, Vera, Jack, Anne Mathew Taken on a night out in Whites View Yorkshire

If anyone knows who Jack and Vera are please let me know.

Sample Photo 3

Top Left, Richard Mathew, b 1765, Bottom Left, Felton Mathew Surveyor General

Lancashire Evening Postt - Saturday 26 March 1904

Article confirming connection to Felton & Sarah Mathew, also connection to the Mathew family of Highworth Wiltshire and later of Kent.

Sample Photo 5

Brief Description

Sample Photo 6

Brief Description


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